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Bingo for USA Players

Bingo is a time-honored classic. With its simple rules and intense gameplay, the game has become one of the most widely recognizable in the world. Since gambling on the Internet has become increasingly popular over the past decade, online bingo has become the favorite social game for many thousands of people.

US LEGALITY - Current Situation.

Recent crackdowns on banks to discourage online gaming, have failed to make an impact on the game's popularity. Most good US-friendly bingo sites are still going strong despite several new regulations the government has enacted. But many people still ask the question - Is online bingo legal for US players ??

FACT - There is no specific US federal law against gambling online.



Many people have a common misconception that internet gambling is now illegal, although that is not the case. The real targets of a recent federal law were SPORTS BETTING , which in theory, MAY be illegal to do online, because of an antiquated law - the 1961 Wire Act - which was introduced to prevent horse racing bets over the telephone. There are many different legal opinions of where the meaning of 'telephone wire betting' can be extended to cover the internet, but it is better to be safe and avoid this.
Because there is no federal law, a couple of US states have enacted specific state laws to discourage online gaming. If you live in Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, South Dakota or Oklahoma we advise against placing sports bets online at this time.

After intense lobbying by the horse racing industry, the federal government passed a new law in 2008 to prevent banks allowing players to place sports bets online - avoiding the controversial question of legality itself.
More information is available here or here.

The law made it difficult for banks to pass money to internet sports betting sites.
But because of the inability to distinguish between Sportsbooks and other gambling and betting sites, many banks have a blanket restriction which has affected all US gamblers.
The deceptively named, Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) has made depositing money into ALL gaming sites more difficult, but it is far from impossible and many thousands of daily bingo players are playing online daily - and even more online poker players - an estimated half a million, who don't appreciate the banks telling them that they cannot spend their own money on their favorite hobby..

So American bingo lovers can still safely get their fix online !!
With reputable e-wallets like UseMyWallet and the rise of prepaid Visa cards, US residents can get playing in no time. Several bingo sites such as South Beach, Vics, or Bingo Billy even make it possible for players to continue to use their regular credit cards.
Be sure to contact your favorite site's support if you need any assistance depositing or getting withdrawal options.

One side effect is that it is now slower for US players to get their winnings paid out, compared to European and other international players - with many casinos now having to send a paper check to Americans with winnings over several thousand dollars.
This is generally now understood as an acceptable small burden, in order to still be able to play online at all. US Players will definitely still get paid - they just have to wait a couple of days longer, instead of getting an instant cash-out.

(Update - There are currently proposed new laws going through the political process, that would clear up the situation and make it easier for banks and credit cards to process money for casino, bingo and poker sites - so hopefully it should be far easier within a few months)

After getting money into your favourite USA bingo site account, members can play the dozens of variants available to their heart's content. With different paytables and bonus rounds, the games are a lot more than plain old bingo. Best of all, plenty of rooms offer a chat room to bring out the friendly and competitive spirit of the game. Some even have special chat games where players can win prizes just for talking.
In addition, some of the larger bingo rooms also offer plenty of casino-style games as well. From blackjack to slots, USA friendly bingo rooms offer gamblers a wide variety of games to suit any mood. With the social nature of these sites, of course, players can get by with smaller deposits just by having conversation with fellow players. It's almost like being in a real casino.

The best part about online bingo, though, has got to be the numerous promotions that the rooms offer. USA bingo sites are no exception. First-time players are rewarded lavishly with match promotions that range anywhere from 100% to 300% or more. US websites don't just stop there, though, and continue rewarding members for their loyalty with additional match bonuses and free chips to play with. Online bingo players in the US get treated like royalty without even having to leave their own homes.





At South Beach, American players can log on and play some live bingo any time they feel like, 24/7.
Not just boring free games either - like offered on popular games sites or facebook - this is real money bingo for cash prizes and big jackpots.
The software offers a good gaming experience with slick graphics and sounds, plus numerous fun and interesting patterns.

checkbull coffee    300 different patterns !

This site really strives to make their games simple and fun to play, with lots of social interaction in the chatrooms, and daily themed tournaments and events.
There are often special patterns to play , that match with the theme of the game or the season or holiday.
The chathosts deserve a special mention - There are around 10 full time hosts who take turns hosting the chat sessions, that run constantly during the games. Part of their job is to moderate the chat eg banning fake players who spam or post rude or insulting comments - but most of the players here a friendly bunch so there isn't much need for any of that. Most of the time, they are presenting the games, answering player questions, and running fun chat games and topics.
The chathosts here are really fantastic and have become good friends to many regulars. Many players schedule games at the same time with their favorite chathosts - its just like hanging out at your local Bingo Hall with a group of friends. They are everyday bingo fans too, and love just hanging out and chatting to the regulars.


You don't need to download any special software to play here, so their is no need to worry about getting viruses or malware on your computer. You can simply login to the site using your favorite computer browser, and play the games directly on the site, using the popular flash technology with cool 3D style graphics.
Various rooms are available with different card prices, and themes.
You can buy cards for as little as 5c.
It is possible to buy tickets in advance, and use the auto-daub option, so you never have to miss any scheduled game you want to play. If your computer ever becomes disconnected the auto duab numbers, will continue to play your card for you, and any winnings will automatically be added to your account balance.
US style 75 ball games are most popular here, but there is also a 90 ball room for international players who prefer that format.
You can buy up to 24 cards for each game, except for the FAIR and SQUARE room, where every player is limited to the same number of cards, to make the chances of winning a prize more equal.

bingo slot videoslot keno gold rush

South Beach also offers several other instant games such as videopoker, keno, blackjack, roulette, scratchcards and videoslots, if you feel like a break from the bingo games. Some of the slots games here such as Hollywood Reels and Trolling for Treasure have big jackpots possible for very small stakes - just like the regular bingogames, these side games can be played on the instant flash software.


Special Promos are a big deal here, and help to keep the site fresh and exciting.
Every week, there are themed games on a special topic, with tournaments and chat games to match.
$1000 Bingo Jackpots take place every single hour.
$10,000 Jackpots can be won from time to time, and even bigger bingo jackpots are possible in the accumulator games. Last month, one lucky player won a huge prize of $50,000 in the dollar room. If there is more than one winner called on the final number, then they share the prize evenly.


Pandora's Box - Special games and bonuses to win in the Dollar Room.
Foods of the Season - Grab hold of some tasty prizes in this food themed promotion.
Speed Bingo - Promotion to win up to $900 in the speed sessions in the Crazy Room.
Everyday Heroes - Red Hot Promo celebrating Firefighters and other everyday heroes.
Thrills of a Game - Join the Nickel room to take part in the 6 free games every day.
Ghostbusters chat game - Pick a number for your ghost in this fun chatroom game..

New resolutions - Special prizes up to $2000 in firework pattern games.
Confetti Coveralls - Bonus $500 if you win four games in the same hour this week.
Sweaters and Slippers - Feel the warmth in the Crazy room with random prizes.

Music of the Brave - Win music note pattern games in this star spangled banner promo.
Self Fulfilling Prophecy - Try for 2 hidden prizes of $1000 this week in the dollar room.
A genius named Dali - Themed promotion in the Quarter room with fixed prizes of $250
White T Shirt - Speed Bingo games in the crazy room this week
Snowman fun - cool chat game in the Dimes room - pick 3 lucky numbers.
Birth of Charles Dickens - Candlestick Delight brings roomies to night gaming sessions.
Barbie Dolls - Win up to 75 prizes of $125 between in the Fair and Square Room.

Drive The Prize Tournament - Watch out for the special car pattern to win..
Daily Giveaway - A gift a day, every day this month. Don't miss out on this one.
Afterhours raffle - Bingo cards now come with raffle numbers, drawn each night
Million Dollar Party - prize pool of over $1million in this special one-off tournament.
All Stars Tourney - promo where players collect stars to save for prizes and rewards..
Mid-Day Specials - Instant prize games in the Dollar room on weekday afternoons.
31 Days of Christmas- Daily bonuses up to $2000 in this advent calender promo.
Car Fiesta- Party hard to win a new car in this awesome bingo promotion
Weekend Shopping Chat Game - Join CM Sassy to pick lucky shopping numbers.

Check out the Promotions page, to see this weeks specials.


Operators are on duty 24/7 to help any customers, and to deal with any withdrawal requests, bingo promotions and redemptions that players need - so you never have to send an email and wait for a reply. Redemption and bonus buck requests are processed right away, so you don't need to wait for your cash. And of course any help with the actual games or rules can be explained right away by the experienced service staff.

We loved playing here. South Beach is currently offering a nice bonus so new players can try out the games for themselves - this is one of the best US bingo sites we have played at, mainly due to the active chatrooms, and the busy promotion schedule.

Check it our here.

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Promotions include:
Saturdays at the Zoo
Moonlight Madness
Morning Rally
Happy Hour

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